Haim Reuveny, Ph.D .

E-mail: lpmc@migal.org.il


1991 B.Sc. Biology, Haifa University, Israel
1996 M.Sc. Dept. of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Thesis: “Biology of the Predaceous Mite Typhlodromus athiasae Porath and Swirski” (Abstract).
2001 Ph.D. Dept. of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Thesis: “Resistanca of the Codling Moth to Pesticides and Development a Resistance Management Program” (Abstract)
2004 Postdoctoral, Dept. of Plant Protection Sciences, Chemical Ecology, SLU Alnarp Sweden (Prof. Peter Witzgall). Thesis: “Attraction of Codling moth females and of the European corn borer to host plants” (Abstract).
2005 Postdoctoral, Dept. of Plant Protection Service, Section of Entomology. Wageningen, The Netherlands (Gijsbertus Vierbergen). Course on Thysanoptera. Thesis: “Thrips species fauna in stone-fruits in Israel” (Abstract).


1992-1994 Extension advisor of the IPM program of Fruit Growers Association
1994-1996 Extension advisor at the Dept, of Plant Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Extension Service
1996-1999 Researcher at the Dept. of Entomology, Agriculture Company and Northern R&D, Israel
2000 -present Researcher at the Dept.of Entomology, Integrated Pest Management Center (IPMC), Northern R&D, Israel.

Current Research

  • Wide area control of codling moth used mating disruption strategy.
  • Evasion of codling moth to sex pheromone.
  • Characterization of damages caused by thrips in different stages of nectarine and plum.
  • Developing programs for resistance management of pear psylla to pesticides.
  • Integrating the predator bug Anthocoris nemoralis in management control of pear psylla.
  • Developing management control strategy to control woodborer pests (Capnodis spp., Zeuzera pyrina, Cerambyx dux).


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