Subtropical Fruit Group
Contact: Elkena Ben Yashar
Tel: 972-4-6953577, 972-50-365823


Ongoing R&D Projects
  1. Comparison of different stocks and breeding material for mango.
  2. Control of black spot developing in cold stored persimmons.
  3. Cultivation of low mango tree with limited root system, as a basis for a high yield of quality fruit.
  4. Technologies for early autumn treatments to improve blossoming in mango.
  5. Technologies for early harvest and improving fruit size in avocado.
  6. Technologies for the early ripening of persimmon and lengthening season.
  7. Technologies for ensuring differentiation in avocado and mangoes.
  8. Technologies for identification and treatment of blight in mango.
  9. Improvement of fruit quality in persimmons by use of nitrate and phosphate fertilizers.
  10. Improving budding and yield of large fruit in avocados.
  11. Improving tree performance under arid conditions in mango.
  12. Inclusive plan for optimisation and saving sewage water.
  13. Increasing fertility and yield in mango by treatments to improve blossoming and bud-set.
  14. Increasing fruit size and yield in mango.
  15. Increasing yield and fruit size and early ripening in litchi by early blossoming, improving bud-set and reducing bud-drop.
  16. Maintaining open and fruitful orchards of mangoes.
  17. Orchard structure and development of management to enable avocado orchard to be open to light and with a potential for high blossoming and yield
  18. Prevention of leaf abscission in avocado during blossoming.
  19. Treatments in mango orchards to raise fruit quality: colour (Keith), fruit size (Keith and Maya) and internal darkening (Kent).
  20. Treatments and technologies to create open mango orchard.
  21. Technologies for proper use of dendrometer and phyto monitors in mango.